A dream turns to reality

A dream turns to reality

Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Like most of us, Freddie had always dreamt of finding his slice of Paradise on Earth. As a young man, he always loved the sea, so that his slice of Paradise had to be beside one. As he toured island after island visiting the Philippines’ numerous beaches, he always kept an eye open for his own personal paradise where he could plant his roots one day.

Beach Resort Anda Bohol

Ten years ago, Bohol started becoming a tourist destination, not just to Filipinos but also to foreigners. So off to Bohol he went. He went around Panglao, where most travelers to Bohol gravitated. But even then, he already felt it was a bit too crowded for his taste, so he started looking for something else off the beaten track.

Then he heard about Anda, a remote town 90 kms. away from the provincial capital of Tagbilaran.

With his trusted Honda bike, he started scouring the area around Anda and visited all the beaches in the vicinity. He found out right away that Anda had the best beaches in Bohol: white sand, crystal clean waters, friendly people, remote and peaceful …he had found paradise. But getting his slice of this paradise was no simple matter.


amunini-home2He had found a beach that had all the requisites for what was to become his dream come true. It had fine white sand and waters that had hues ranging from crystalline green to aquamarine and navy blue further on. The locals also swore that the diving in the area was second to none in the region. Surrounded by greenery all around, it was set on a cove that was bordered by rocky headlands that acted as natural barriers on both ends of the beach. This gave the place a sense of privacy, one that gave him a heady “you will be mine” feeling.

But Paradise was not handed to Freddie on a silver platter. After asking around a few weeks later, he found out that the property he wanted consisted of a patchwork of odd-shaped parcels owned by seven different families. Furthermore, not one of them had a clear and transparent document that backed up their claim to ownership. Undaunted by all these, he put a sizeable part of his life savings to buy the property, and plodded along against all these obstacles in the pursuit of his dream. It took a few years but that “you will be mine” feeling eventually became “this is mine.”

Having found his paradise, and feeling that he was still too young to simply plant roots, he decided that he wanted to share it with others. Remembering  that exhilarating “you will be mine”feeling when he first wandered into what had become his beach, he aptly named the place “amun ini”, meaning “this is ours”, in his native Ilonggo dialect. Now, his beach, his home, is yours too when you come and share his slice of Paradise.

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  • Marcela Vargas

    Que bonita historia

    • Amunini

      Me gusta el refran de Walt Disney, y la historia…


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