Activities and adventure in Bohol Island

Activities and adventure in Bohol Island await you in the waters and hills around amun ini. You can go on nature walks, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, and hiking.  Or simply have a pleasant and relaxing cruise on a motorized outrigger boat anywhere along the Anda shoreline.  Read more


activities and adventure in Bohol island amun ini is the  only beach resort in Anda offering activities and adventure in Bohol besides having first class accomodations and amenities. For a change of pace, you may also go on a tour and see the beauty of the Philippines. Get a taste of Bohol history, culture and local color, and go home with more than just a nice tan. A number of tourist attractions will keep you busy during your visit. Our staff at amun ini beach resort can book a tour for you that includes a vehicle and a driver guide who will pick you up and take you back to the resort.




Among the must do activities and adventure in Bohol island are the world famous Chocolate Hills. It is the oldest and most popular tourist spot in the island. More than a thousand mounds of grass covered limestone hills dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. During the dry season, the grass turns brown, and the hills take the look of chocolate cones. Afterwards, stop by the Tarsier reserve to see this cute primate with huge eyes and is no bigger than a man’s hand. Tarsiers are an endangered species due to their shrinking habitat and is said to number less than a thousand in the wild.


activities and adventure in Bohol island loboc riverThe Loboc River tour gives you a view of rural Bohol life as the tour boat follows the winding path of the river further inland. See the homes and life style of the local Boholanos as they go about their normal daily life activities. On the way back, you can pass by Baclayon Church which was built by the Jesuit missionaries in 1595. One of the oldest churches constructed in the Philippines, it is made mostly of coral quarried off the shore of Baclayon town.


Lamanoc Island Tour will take you to an island near amun ini beach resort that has a mystical and mysterious past. It has several caves, some which have wall drawings and skeletons that are suspected to pre-date the Spanish colonial period. It is also said to have been the hiding place of a witch doctor who fled her village after townspeople denounced her practices before the church authorities. For the active guest, there is no shortage of activities and adventure in Bohol island.  

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