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  adventure in Bohol island kite surfing in anda…lies waiting in the house reefs just off our beach, an adventure in Bohol Island that will thrill any snorkeling enthusiast. Strong swimmers can rent our snorkeling gear and simply swim out to the coral formations offshore. Or you can rent a banca or native outrigger boat, paddle your way to these same sites, and have somewhere to rest in between dives.


The neighboring coves and coastline of amun ini that provide numerous prospects for the adventurous spirit.  With a paddle board or a kayak you will have the chance to see first hand the subsistence fishermen who eke out their daily meals from the sea.  Or, go and paddle a banca outrigger boat if you  prefer to go native. Read more


beach resort in Bohol adventures2In the calm sea waters around amun ini. Simply soak in the natural beauty of this tropical paradise in a relaxing cruise on a motorized outrigger boat. Try an early dawn cruise to chance upon a pod of dolphins on a fish hunting expedition or an early evening cruise to see the sun setting in the western sky. All you have to do is sit back and let our boatmen do all the work.

During the months of March to May, a must do adventure in Bohol island is to swim with the whale sharks off Pamilacan island, which used to be inhabited by whale hunters. They have now become stewards of these gentle giants, and ensure that they go unmolested to their breeding grounds further in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean.


Adventure in Bohol Island right on amun ini


Adventure in Bohol IslandIn the hills that surround amun ini beach resort in Bohol on one of our mountain bikes. Test your stamina while you soak in all that nature has to offer in the many unpaved back roads nearby. You will pass by a number of barrios where poverty has not dampened the smiles and natural friendliness of the villagers. You may also enjoy all these at a slower pace if you choose to simply walk through the same trails and feel the experience at a much closer and personal level. For an adventure in Bohol Island, there is no other like amun ini!

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