Anda’s White Sand Beach

Anda’s White Sand Beach

There is no doubt that amun ini’s feather in the cap is its beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters. It was this beach that Freddie fell in love with and gave birth to the paradise that we all have come to love as our own. But amun ini’s beach is just a slice of this unexplored paradise in Bohol located in and around the town of Anda.


anda-town-plaza2Right in the heart of Anda, just off the main plaza where the church and the municipal building are located, is another beautiful beach whose white sand is finer than sugar. At mid-day, this white sand reflects the sun’s rays upwards and tends to burn one’s skin and produce a glare that only a good Ray Ban can attenuate. The upside is that even with the fierce tropical sun, the white sand in Anda beach does not burn the soles of your feet. So, there’s no need to sprint to the water line and dunk your burned feet like you normally have to in other beaches.

Anda’s white sand beach stretches for a couple of kilometers and the slope of the sand is so gradual that it is great for small kids to wade and play in.  As in all the beaches in this part of Bohol, the water is so sparkling clean that you can see your toes clearly even when you’re neck deep in it. The light crystal green color of the water near the shore slowly darkens into an aqua, and eventually into gradually deepening hues of blue as you look further out.

adventureIn spite of being a public beach, it never gets too crowded even when out-of-towners come to picnic on weekends. There are some stalls where you can get snacks, thirst quenchers and simple beach fare. Thankfully though, there are no hawkers to disturb your snooze under one of the pyramid shaped beach shades modeled after those in amun ini.


The local government of Anda sees tourism as a major key to improving the way of life of the locals. But the last thing we need is to see Anda and its beautiful white sand beach converted into another Boracay, which has had years of unbridled and runaway tourism growth. Now that we have found our slice of Paradise in Anda, we cross our fingers and hope that this relatively unexplored paradise in Bohol will not become another case of Paradise Lost like Boracay.

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