a Bohol beach with white sand and clear blue waters

This 300 meter wide Bohol beach on our very own private cove is enclosed by rocky headlands on both ends and lush greenery all around, assuring you the utmost privacy.You may simply soak the warm Philippine sun or venture out in one of our bancas, or native outrigger boats to explore the surrounding coastline.


Bohol beachYou may also choose to go snorkeling among the coral reefs just a few meters offshore. Built to provide a fantastic  view of a crystal clear blue sea that boasts of a 15 km. long coral reef, our Bohol beach  resort offers endless attractions for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. For the active guest you have your choice of water activities that range from scuba diving and snorkeling to kayaking. Our in-house dive center can arrange the adventure of your choice.

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A private Bohol beach


Bohol beachOr, you may simply want to take it easy and relax in one of the hammocks or lounge chairs under our unique pyramidal bamboo sun covers. The warm gentle breeze and the soft splashing of the waves will lull you to sleep in no time at all. Your privacy is at the utmost and you don’t have to worry about vendors to distract you from your reading or wake you up from your rest.


We have a bar right on the beach, a veritable oasis where you can quench your thirst with your favorite drink or soothe your hunger with delicious treats and snacks of the day. A simple gesture to one of our beach staff who is there to pamper you is all that you will require to have your every need attended to.


The peaceful and isolated rural setting of this piece of Bohol beach near the town of Anda provides an unparalleled experience in soul-searching peace and solitude.  At the same time, we make sure that all your creature comforts are attended to. 

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