nestled above the white sand beach...

is a fantastic infinity pool where you can do laps or do your scuba diving initiation training. Depending on the time of day, the water from the pool merges with the sea and the sky in the horizon to form one brush stroke of pale blue. From the edge of the infinity pool, you have a commanding view of the wide beach below and the Bohol sea beyond. You are close enough to the sea to hear the rhythmic lapping of the waves hitting the shore but soaring above it from your vantage point. Read more


Infinity pool “sploungers”


For the sun worshippers, you may simply want to tan yourself in our “sploungers,” a lounging chair that is immersed in the cool ankle deep waters of the pool’s wide first step.  And before the sun starts to sting your skin, you can cool off by occasionally splashing your body with the pool water without having to get up from your lounging chair.


infinity pool

The kidney shaped infinity pool overlooks the white sand beach and the clear blue waters of the Bohol sea and Camiguin island at the horizon. On one side of the pool is a small patch of green where more comfortable lounging chairs have been strategically laid out so that you can enjoy the wonderfully relaxing view with a drink in your hand. And our bar and restaurant staff is forever attentive to serve your favorite thirst quencher or snack with a simple hand gesture.



If you’ve had a day of strenuous activities, pamper your body with a cooling dip in the pool. Then  enjoy a nice cold beer as you contemplate the setting sun off in the horizon. A warm southerly breeze will lull you to a nap that relaxes your body and restore your energy. After you’ve had enough sun for the day, you may choose to go the spa right next to the pool area and have a massage to relax and soothe the knots in those stressed out muscles.

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