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give the feel of an island paradise that extends into all 16 rooms of amun ini’s two cogon thatched roof longhouses. Each accommodation in Bohol is 60 sqm and has air-conditioning and large floor to ceiling picture windows. You will also get the feeling that nothing separates you from the great expanse of nature all around the resort. At the same time, you can sleep in relative darkness during the day with our blackout curtains until you decide it’s time to get up and see Bohol. Read more


Resort room features

Resort roomsAll of the resort rooms have a wonderful outdoor terrace with a sea view and a pebble floor that massages your feet as you walk over it. From this terrace, the view starts with the garden and its pervasive, all-around green. Then comes the beach below, and finally the sea beyond it all the way to the horizon. The terrace is always a nice alternative place to read a book, meditate, or simply soak in nature in all its glory. The gentle splash of the waves and the occasional chirping of the birds are a soothing alternative to the city sounds we hear all year round.


Our resort rooms have king beds with fluffy oversized pillows, a mini-bar, and comfortable contemporary furniture. The sofa in every room can be converted into a third bed, should you need one. In some rooms, we also have twin bed arrangements. Please make sure that you specify this when you book your room.

Luxury bathrooms and eco-friendly toiletries

The spacious bathrooms have modern toilet and bath fixtures with pocket gardens beside the shower area. The toiletry kit that we provide are all made from natural based and eco-friendly ingredients. A glass window that divides your room from the bathroom allows you to actually enjoy the view outside while you brush your teeth.

Internet and cable TV

While we encourage you to connect with nature more, you may keep in touch with the outside world through the Internet connection and cable TV in the privacy of your own room. There is a desk and a chair in every room for your added comfort in case you have to use your laptop to catch up with the world you temporarily left behind while staying at our accommodation in Bohol.   

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