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Skirted by a 15 kilometer long coral reef a couple of hundred meters away, the seas around amun ini offer the best dive sites in Bohol today. There are spectacular walls nearby that plunge straight down to the dark blue depths. Whether you go for wreck diving, deep dives, or simply like to explore our house reef and ogle its rich abundant life, we have it for you. Here are a few samples of dive sites in Bohol that you can expect:


Paradise Garden

considered the best snorkeling spot among the dive sites in Bohol, Paradise Garden is reachable via an 18-minute, 4.5 kilometer ride from boarding point. Divers describe its wall as fantastically populated with marine life. Underwater

dive sites in Bohol

photographers find inspiration taking pictures of the unique coral landscape, schools of big fish, and overall serene marine vista that can be beautifully captured with a wide-angle lens. Paradise Garden is best enjoyed with a 2-hour shallow dive, guided by professional divers.



Dap Dap

dive sites in boholthis is a relatively shallow boat dive, reachable in about 6 minutes at 1.5 kilometers from docking point. amun ini recommends Dap Dap to be your second dive site for the day. It’s a great site for beginning divers or even as an intro dive for total newbies trying out diving during their vacation. There’s so much to see at Dap Dap, including the occasional barracudas, tiny naked snails and sea spiders, and schools of hump head parrot fishes, if you’re lucky. It also features a breathtaking view of corals.


Titanic Rocks

this is a boat dive about 30 minutes from amun ini, and is highly suitable for beginners. The boat stays around and carries tanks good enough for two dives. There is plenty of sea life to observe between Titanic Rocks and a cave that’s 14 meters deep. Also a great place for snorkeling. Read more


More Dive Sites in Bohol


Neptune House –actual boat ride takes about 10 minutes, a distance of 2.5 kilometers from boarding. This is not recommended for beginner divers. amun ini’s professional divers will guide guests on the first dive. There is a maximum of four guest divers per guide for utmost safety. At 31 meters, an entry can be found into the cave, a steep wall with less corals than other spots. Divers are allowed a maximum of 8-10 minutes inside the cave. Neptune House is an ideal place among dive sites in Bohol to spot lobsters, schools of fish, and other night active sea animals. If you’re lucky, you might even see blue-spotted stingrays!


Virgin South House Reef— The resort’s banca can bring guest divers into this reef in as little as two minutes. Turtles, schools of fish, and a coral reef await experienced divers. Beginners are advised to keep track of currents to avoid difficulty during their dive.


Virgen West House Reef— Another dive site suitable for both beach or boat diving, Virgen West House Reef features steep underwater walls filled with vibrant corals. Again, suitability of diving for beginners is limited to the depth and currents at the time of the chosen dive session. Guests are encouraged to heed the advise of the resort’s professional divers.


Chameleon— This particular dive site in Bohol takes its name from its frequently changing form. It’s a 15 minute and 1.5 kilometer boat ride and dive, and highly suitable for beginning divers. It sometimes takes on the appearance of a wall; other times it resembles a slope. Young fish and tiny naked snails abound in the Chameleon.


Coco White South— A relatively simple dive site in Bohol with 20-minute proximity from dock, Coco White South boasts of an adequately populated steep wall that can be appreciated even by beginners. Some marine life to watch out for: giant shells, naked snails, Spanish dancing snails, barracuda, and others.


Coco White North— This dive site is the northern version of the previously described one. Beginning divers can explore it with strict observance of depth and currents.


The Caverns— A dive site in Bohol within reach at only 24 minutes and 6 kilometers, the Caverns is a simple dive site that nevertheless boasts of a stunning variety of fish, many natural underwater grottos, a steep wall…plus a chance to encounter “Bruno”, its resident giant octopus!


Wonder Wall— The main attraction of Wonder Wall is a small wreck and a fresh water source 27 meters from diving point. It’s accessible via a 25 minute and 6 kilometer boat ride, and also has a nice steep wall and natural grottos in its depths. It’s suitable for beginner divers, current-permitting.


Panorama— One of the dive site in Bohol that is more suited for intermediary divers, Panorama is specially protected and has only been open for diving since 2001. It can be reached via a 29-minute, 7.5 kilometer boat ride. Panorama is so named because of its steep wall that stretches as wide as 30 meters, which gives a dramatic and panoramic view of the open water.


Pogaling— A large area of stone coral forest with small channels to pass through, Pogaling is also specially protected and has only been open to diving since 2001. This means a 25 minute boat ride and a simple shallow dive at 14 meter maximum.


Batong Gala-In— Featuring one of the very easy dive sites in Bohol that’s best for beginners and night diving, Batong Gala-In was only opened to diving in 2001. Twelve meter maximum makes for around 90 minutes possible dive time. Batong Gala-In can be reached in about 30 minutes from boarding point.  

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