current projects

Coral nursery
Our house reef is an area of Anda that has fallen victim to heavy fishing activity in the past and therefore, to expedite the growth of these corals we are in the early stages of building a coral nursery. We will gather coral fragments and attach them to a manmade substrate which will allow the coral to grow healthy and large. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the coral successfully grows and becomes a place for fish and invertebrates to seek shelter, feed and reproduce. This is why we are offering our guests to take part in this project by diving with us to help cut coral fragments to be placed into the nursery as well as clean the already growing coral fragments so algae does not impede the coral growth.

Underwater clean- ups (conducted 3 times a year)


g2-coral gcoral

June 20, 2014 to September 20, 2014 is International Coastal Clean-Up and we plan to partake in the event by conducting one of our underwater clean up events on this date.

December 20, 2014


Black coral density and distribution survey in collaboration with Bohol Antipathes Research Team


h-diving The goal of this project is to locate and measure density, depth distribution and size distribution of black coral beds located in the south- eastern coast of Bohol Island as a means of gathering baseline data to develop a connectivity model which will serve as an important tool in conserving the species. Ask us how you can assist in one of the research surveys!

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