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from our PADI accredited dive shop who run the best diving courses in Bohol. We have the diving gear and peripherals that you need to safely enjoy the many pleasant dive spots in the Anda area. We conduct accredited PADI diving courses that range from Introductory to more Advanced levels.


dive courses in BoholOur PADI diving courses in Bohol include Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Diving for beginners. For more advanced divers we offer Medic First Aid, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master courses. And you don’t have to worry about your limited diving experience and capabilities. Our dive crew will tailor your diving experience to your skill level, with your safety always our prime consideration. As you progress in your diving course, our team of expert divers who serve as guides will accompany you on the different open water diving sites. The variety of dive sites in the amun ini area is so wide that your instructors can take you to a different site as you gain more diving experience.


Diving courses in Bohol

There are spectacular walls decorated by corals and plunge straight down to the dark blue depths but safe enough for beginners. Or if you simply like to coast over our house reef and ogle its rich abundant life, we also have it for you. Here are a few samples of the type of open water dive sites that you can expect:

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 Sites for beginner diving courses in Bohol 



reachable as a boat dive in about 8 minutes and 2 kilometers away is Bacong, another dive site with a steep wall densely populated by corals. Beginners can go explore this site, provided there are mild currents at the time of their dive. There is a big chance of seeing turtles in Bacong.

Virgin East House Reef

— Excellent as both a beach and boat dive, the Virgen East House Reef can be reached in as fast as two minutes by banca. Like Bacong, there is a big chance of spotting turtles and other rich marine life, with steep underwater walls teeming with corals. Depth and currents dictate suitability for newbie divers.

Snapper’s Cave

— Possessing a highly attractive steep wall that spans a good 30 meters, plus a 27 meter-wide cave, Snappers Cave can be reached in 15 minutes. Again, depth limits should be observed if new divers want to explore this site. Intermediary divers can explore the cave at will.

Wonder Wall

— The main attraction of Wonder wall is a small wreck and a fresh water source 27 meters from diving point. It’s accessible via a 25 minute and 6 kilometer boat ride, and also has a nice steep wall and natural grottos in its depths. It’s suitable for beginner divers, current-permitting.


— In this dive site, the main current hits the underwater landscape, causing a variety of marine flora and fauna to abound. Open water areas support diverse schools of big fish. A steep wall stretching to 30 meters in length features a forest of black corals. A delight for underwater photographers with wide-angle equipment, Lumayak is accessible via a 22-minute, 5.1 kilometer boat ride and dive.

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