Amun Ini is an Iceberg?

Amun Ini is an Iceberg?
Whenever the word iceberg is mentioned, the image that usually comes to mind is this huge chunk of ice floating in the middle of the North Atlantic that sunk the Titanic. But what really sunk the Titanic was the part of the iceberg that lay beneath the surface. The same is true with amun ini.
amunini-beachWhen our guests arrive, many are wowed by the physical beauty of the place and almost invariably use the term Paradise to describe amun ini. The greenery, the white sand, the crystal clear water, the privacy, peace and quiet…any one of these would be sufficient reason to merit amun ini the Paradise label, but to find them all in one place gives the name Paradise a far richer significance. What many of our visitors have not realized is that, like an iceberg, the beauty in amun ini that is normally not visible to all, its underwater world, is even more breathtaking.
the-coral-triangle The Philippines is situated within what oceanographers call the Coral Triangle, the center of marine biodiversity that encompasses the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Solomon Islands. This area contains around 76% of the world’s coral species and over 2,000 reef fish species.More than 120 million people live in this triangle and rely on the coral reefs for food, income, and protection from typhoons that occasionally come blowing in. It also supports large populations of commercially important tuna that supports a multi-billion global industry.
coral-joeThe island of Bohol, which is located in Central Philippines, is part of the Coral Triangle and boasts of many excellent diving spots. The area around amun ini is especially blessed with a coral reef that stretches around 14 km. long and passes just a short distance away from our white sand beach. These past few months, we have had the good fortune of having a number of experienced underwater photographers visit amun ini who recorded and shared this underwater Paradise with our non-diving guests.
emperadorAllard Van der Graaf was one such guest who shot numerous pictures of these underwater “critters” that abound in amun ini’s waters. He has an eye for spotting what many of us would not notice even if it stared straight at us from a coral or a seaweed leaf. To see more of his pictures, click on this link:  Our thanks to Allard giving us access to his photos and allowing us to share with you a glimpse of this unexplored paradise in Bohol. In our subsequent bot-l-grams from amun ini we will publish fantastic photos contributed by other guests.
                                                                                                                                                      In the future, we will also publish articles written by Jeremy Horowitz, a marine biologist who has recently joined the amun ini dive instruction team. Jeremy is a marine biologist who has lived in the Philippines these past three years doing black coral research. He will start amun ini’s coral nursery in our house reef while continuing research on black corals in the Anda area and will devote most of his articles on amun ini’s underwater menagerie.

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    Very impressive! Thanks for sharing our wonders of the sea, right beneath your waters!


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