Amun ini undamaged by earthquake and typhoon

We would like to thank all our friends who expressed their concern over amun ini and our staff in the wake of the earthquake and the super typhoon that followed less than a month later.

Amun ini, our town of Anda, and the eastern half of Bohol in general have been fortunate and were spared from material and personal damage from both natural tragedies. All the damage from the earthquake was mainly on the western side of Bohol island. Sadly, there were many people who lost their homes and are still in evacuation sites set up by the government and private initiative groups who are helping with the rebuilding of homes and schools in that area.

Roads and bridges to amun ini have already been fixed and regular routes are now back to normal. Power supply was temporarily cut off but has already been restored. Besides, we have a generator to fully power the resort in case of any power interruptions. Other utilities such as water, internet and communication facilities are back and stable as well.

Amun Ini is in good shape and everything is okay for you to spend your holidays with us.

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