What is it like to dive Anda Bohol?

What is it like to dive Anda Bohol?
When you first arrive to dive Anda Bohol, the dive team may ask which would you like to see first? Is it the group of Pygmy seahorses that live on a huge gorgonian 25 meters down a pristine wall, or is it the flamboyant cuttlefish and blue ring octopus that you would rather see at one of our macro sites?”
amuniniThe diversity and abundance of marine life when you dive Anda Bohol is simply astounding. The topside of each wall dive is full of healthy soft and hard coral where turtles can be seen passing by as well as a plethora of diverse nudibranchs. Over the crest of the wall is a vivid colored reef filled with diverse shrimp and crab as well as many types of fish.Besides our wall dives we are well known for our macro sites. Get your cameras ready because what these sandy areas lack in reef they make up for with pipefish, seahorse, mantis shrimp as well as a large array of octopus, wonderpus and other rare benthic critters which can be spotted regularly. It’s truly a macro photographer’s paradise.
Most dive sites are between 5 and 10 minutes away from our dive shop where we also have a house reef containing mandarinfish. These mandarinfish are seen mating every night, 20 minutes before sunset. You can see couples meet above the reef, release eggs and sperm in unison before diving back down below the substrate to hide from predators. It’s something every diver must see at least once in their diving career.
The sea conditions are generally calm throughout the year when you dive Anda, Bohol and the sub-surface current varies from none to slightly strong which is ideal for new divers looking to take their first breath underwater. Our dive team will ensure not only your safety and enjoyment but we will also be sure to teach you something new every day. We are able to teach every course from discover scuba diver up to divemaster.
If diversity and abundance of marine life is what you’re looking for, Anda, Bohol is your ideal diving destination! Come visit us today at Amun ini beach resort and spa or contact us at info@amun-ini.com so we can answer any questions you may have.

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