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these are what you can expect from the amun ini spa resort Bohol experience at the “hilotarium.” A stay at amun ini spa resort would be incomplete without indulging your body with a visit to our hilotarium spa. The only music you will hear there is the lapping of the waves on the beach or the chirping of a bird nearby. Read more

amun ini’s spa therapy is based on the ancient Filipino method called “hilot.” A combination of aromatherapy and body massage, these traditional curative methods promoted natural healing. They were deeply ingrained in Filipino culture long before they were gradually replaced by Western medicine. Every village had its “hilot” or healer who combined massage with herbal therapy to cure common household illnesses or pains and discomforts.


Spa resort Bohol aromatherapy


spa resort BoholEssential oils extracted from choice flowers, minerals, leaves and herbs. Candles that calm and warm. And capable hands that know the ways of a healing touch. These are all part of the amun ini spa resort Bohol promise. Our therapists come from the surrounding villages where they are familiar with the therapy massage techniques that form part of their heritage.

The spa itself is located on a rocky overhang that looks over the white sand beach below. Except for soft willowy curtains that provide some privacy, the structure has no walls so that you can enjoy the natural surroundings. The rhythmic lapping of the waves on the beach. The warm breeze blowing from the sea combine with the soothing hands of the attendant to lull almost anyone to a relaxing snooze.


You can also choose to have a massage right on the beach, garden or in the privacy of your room. We are here to cater to your wish and pamper your body with whatever massage therapy you choose. Our spa staff will gladly accomodate your request.


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