a healing touch in this spa resort Bohol

This spa resort Bohol massage takes the aromatherapy experience further with skilled Boholana masseuses hand-picked from the island’s local villages. Knowledge of curative therapy by massage is deeply ingrained among the villagers in Bohol. You will feel this time-honored tradition of touch therapy with every pair of hands in amun ini spa’s caring masseuses.


You have a choice of different oils for our massage therapy treatments that include full body de-stressing massage, localized hilot treatments, neck, back and upper limb therapy, or a leg and foot relaxation massage.
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The traditional hilot massage


Spa resort Bohol

The traditional “hilot” massage is a customized Filipino massage using a fusion of Asian therapies and special concoctions of warming oils like ginger, rosemary, grape seed, peppermint and coconut oil. The objective is to prevent and cure ailments like colds, sprains, fevers and fatigue.

Relaxation Massage


The relaxation massage is an hour of full body massage to relieve tension and anxiety. A special blend of lavender, grape seeds and ylang ylang oils is used to give you a sense of deep calm and relaxation. Its closest western equivalent would be the Swedish massage.


Foot Massage


Our feet bear the brunt of our weight and feel the tension caused by our maintaining a vertical position for long periods during the day. The foot revival massage is an hour long luxurious foot pampering like you have never experienced before.  The feet are scrubbed and massaged in special oils to relieve this pain and tension. The resulting sensation is one of walking on air with cotton soft soles.


Upper torso relief massage


The neck and shoulder relief massage is a localized therapy designed to massage away stress induced pains in the upper torso. A special aromatic oil is used to relax the mind while muscles that have tightened up through stress are loosened to allow greater circulation and oxygenation in the area.


The amun ini spa experience is certainly something that you should not miss out on.

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