spa resort in Bohol featuring "hilot,"

the traditional Filipino massage therapy called “hilot” is the concept in our spa resort in Bohol. It is a no nonsense, down to earth approach followed in our “hilotarium.”  It reflects the traditional Filipino curative methods of aromatherapy and body massage. These were deeply ingrained in the native Filipino culture before doctrors’ prescriptions took over the practices that promoted natural healing. Every barrio had a “hilot,” or healer, who combined the use of aromatic rubbing oils and massage therapy. Applying these on the body’s pressure points, illnesses were cured and pains relieved.  Read more


 Spa resort in Bohol that promotes natural healing


Many things under the sun have the power to soothe and heal. Ask any beach lover, and you will begin to realize the natural allure of sand, sea, and breeze on a troubled soul or tired body. In our spa resort in Bohol we take full advantage of nature all around us to put you in a relaxing environment. A city spa would try to artificially recreate this atmosphere. At amun ini spa resort in Bohol all you have to do is turn on your senses to everything that nature has to offer.
Spa resort in Boholamun ini beach resort & spa takes this phenomenon to heart and incorporates it in the tiniest details of its ‘hilotarium’ spa concept. Essential oils extracted from choice flowers, minerals, leaves and herbs. Candles that calm and warm. Capable hands that know the ways of a healing touch, These are all part of the amun ini spa resort in Bohol promise.


It takes the aromatherapy experience further with skilled Asian therapists hand-picked from the island’s local villages. Knowledge of curative therapy by massage is second nature to the villagers. Prescription medication hold little sway to natural healing practices. You will feel this time-honored tradition of touch therapy with every pair of hands in amun ini spa’s caring therapists. Relaxation, rejuvenation, and a sense of overall pampering are what you can expect from every amun ini spa treatment. A feeling of well-being that is uniquely amun ini, all truly yours.

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